Interview of Rajeshbhai Gopalji

Bhavnagar has history of rising from a normal king’s town to an important center of maritime trade. In late 19th century, under name of Bhavnagar State Railway, it was first state in India to build its railway on its own. An Englishman once described Bhavnagar state as follows: “With flourishing finances and much good work in progress. Of financial matters I need say little; you have no debts, and your treasury is full

Today we are talking to Rajeshbhai Gopalji who moved from Bhavnagar to Mumbai. He has suggestion for new comers – “Times have changed. Education and qualification are important criterias in Indian Diamond market like any other industry

Rajeshbhai Gopalji, Diamond Broker, Mumbai Diamond market

Rajeshbhai Gopalji, Diamond Broker, Mumbai Diamond market

Tell us about how you started career in Diamond market?
I use to work in Diamond market in Bhavnagar. Business opportunities brought me to Mumbai market. In Mumbai I started business in to Diamond brokerage. I have worked with more than one company in different stages of my career.

Tell us about your experience in 2008 slowdown?
You can assume that no one in our industry has seen slowdown like 2008. People will not easily forget last slowdown for at least next 8 – 10 years. Many at various levels changed their industry because they got scared of uncertainty. No one knew when crisis will end.

In recent times is there any good or bad change you have seen in Indian Diamond market?
In last 12-18 months I have seen lot of business activities in market. There is lot of work happening and somehow I feel that previously I have never seen so much growth and business.

What do you think about Mumbai Diamond market shifting to Bharat Diamond Bourse in BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex)?
Mumbai market is divided in to two different groups at this point of time. Many members who are working in market for long time are not enthusiastic about moving to new place. However big companies have already moved or made decision to do so. I feel eventually everyone will move. There was time when our market used to be in Zaveri Bazaar and then it moved to Pancharatna Area (Opera House). Mumbai market has already seen such a change in past. I am sure that it will take time but market will move to BKC eventually.

If you get to change one think in diamond market what it would be?
I really cannot think of anything. With time things change. Change is always happening. Business which is not doing well might improve and ones which are in great shape might go down. So with time things do change. This is the cycle of the universe and it will go on & time will play role in it.

Do you want to give any message to readers?
For a very long time Indian Diamond Market was made up of members who were street smart but not highly educated. However things are changing. Present times have newer demands and slowly we are seeing need and presence of educated people in market. So my advice for new comers is do not assume that Indian Diamond market doesn’t care about education and background. Things are changing. Education and qualifications are becoming important in diamond market like any other industry in India.

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