5 Reasons why your Business Website Fails

Apologies for blunt language but this topic needs attention. I see many small and medium business in Indian Diamond market operating their company websites. Theses businesses spend their hard earned money in developing website without paying attention to what works on internet. A person you meet in real world, behaves differently once he or she goes online.

Why does your company website Fails

Are people interested in your company finding you?

Reason 1)Not real:I know you are aspiring to become next king in Indian Diamond market, but at this point of time you are struggling to pay rent of your shop. Be realistic. Don’t claim big things on your website if hey are not in existence. People who visit website do not mind if you tell them that you are small soldier inside whole empire. All they want to know is that you are honest and you care about your customers.

Reason 2) Not Working: That link on your front page goes no-where. I see many business website which have page or links which go no where. They keep it because it came as part of design or because it looks cool. If you don’t care about such non-working items on your website, why do you think your visitors will care about your business. Remove it or fix it.

Reason 3) Not in Sync with new trends: Just because you have website doesn’t make you techno-savvy business owner. Having a website is just a beginning. Keep clarity in mind. Decide what do you want to achieve out of your business website and take actions. Spend time regularly in understanding how Internet is changing the way people buy and sell. Read how Internet helps in brand building.

Reason 4) Not making money: I have seen many websites owned by Diamond businesses in Mumbai and Surat market, all they want to do is sell some costly Diamond Jewelery or diamonds. Unfortunately, chances are that at-least 95% or more of these websites have never sold anything. Your website doesn’t sell your products is absolutely fine. There are many other business benefits you can get which eventually will grow your business. Don’t just stop at selling products, give something interesting (information or entertainment) to users, so that they remember your website. Try to convert some of your first time visitors in to second time, third time and regular visitors.

Reason 5) Not updated since launched: You launched a website. Great! then it never got any new information or changes. There are very easy to use tools which can allow you to add new information to your website. Add some information, video, pictures. When users feel that you regularly update your website their trust factor goes up.


Reason 6) Not Speed tested: dude! remove that 30 seconds of flash introduction on front page. 80% of the Diamond market websites have some silly Flash animations introduction as soon as website is loaded. Only after this animations gets over, you see a button “Enter into website”. Heres one important thing to do. Buy fafda jalebi and tea for group of 10 people, give them computer and aks them to visit your website for 30 seconds not a single second more, just 30 seconds. After this ask them what did they see on your website and what do they think about it. Did they feel motivated to click somewhere or read something? Did they feel like doing business with you? Did they feel like they should visit this website again? Did they feel like calling a friend and tell him about your website? Speed test your website for 30 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes max. Do this with different group of people. Believe it or not – sometimes all you get is few seconds to catch attention of your visitor before she or he rejects you and jumps to a different website.

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