Interview with Kirtibhai Doshi

The History proves that the people of Indian Diamond market are very hard working, enterprising, and very resourceful. Indian Diamond market  professionals do not wait for an opportunity, rather creates one and makes success for it. They are smart with their money and their policy is to include others in their growth story. Lets meet Kirtibhai Doshi who has been part of Indian Diamond market for more then 30 years.

Kirtibhai Doshi, Diamond Broker

Kirtibhai Doshi, Diamond Broker

Kiritbhai, please tell us about how you started career in Diamond market?
I started working in Diamond market in 1978. I was still completing my studies when I started working part time in one office. Those days members of only Palanpuri community use to be part of market. Later Kathyawadi members started entering market and grow their business. Kathyawadi members use to do business on their personal capital whereas amongst Palanpuri members it was common practice to use Bank’s money to grow business.
I started working first at Rasiklal & sons. After this I tried to do some business independently but I made some loss and things didn’t work out, so I once again took a job. I started working for a company named Divya Jewels, owned by Rajubhai. My responsibility was to take care of inventory in this company. Today Rajubhai’s business has grown in to company named Tara Jewels, jewelry factory named Tara Ultimo and Ritesh Exports. I use to sell for Ritesh Exports.

Due to health reason I had to take a break for sometime and couldn’t stay in active touch with all business associates. But I got back to work and nowadays I am doing Diamond Brokering.

Tell us something about your experience during 2008 slowdown?
Slowdown was visible everywhere and everyone was talking about it. However big champions in market have fix market share and they do business within a small business circle without letting outside traders get any business out of it. For established companies things were not as bad as many other people.

In your last few years of experience have you come across some good or bad aspect about market?
Big companies and traders give their business to selected group of people. Usually avoid small traders. Big companies are getting bigger and business is getting tougher for small players.

If you get chance to change one thing in market, what would that be?
A common member can never bring any change in the way Diamond market works. The only thing if changed would be  is help, if established members support and give business to members who run small businesses. This will allow big companies to fulfill their requirements and small business owner can make some money. Big companies try to complete transactions within fix business partners, today there is a need for them to increase their circle.

In next few years what changes do you expect in Diamond market? Any thoughts on BKC?
We have to move to BKC and that is for sure. The kind of facility and office space which is in BKC can never be compared to what we have in Opera House location. However there are so many offices and cabins inside Panchratna building, which is 25 storey tall. In small office you will find 6 small cabins. Panchratna, Prasad chambers, , Sheerji Chambers, Sheerji arcade, Floxe chamber etc. It looks like it will take its own time for all these people to move to BKC. Presently only big companies which are DTC site holder will move to BKC.

Do you want to give any message to readers ?
Each and every member in Diamond market is smart and enterprising, I don’t need to give any message. <smiles>

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