Interview with Amitbhai Nayak

Wise person tends to be grounded, experientially aware, in-sync with the present time, and connected with the world. They are completely authentic, not trying to be someone else or prove anything. Lets meet one such member of Indian Diamond market, Amitbhai Nayak. Amitbhai has been part of Indian Diamond market for last 21 years.

Amit Nayak

Amitbhai Nayak, Diamond Broker, Mumbai

How did you start yours career in diamond industry?
I started my career about 21 years back (1989) a company named A S Exports. At A S Exports, I learned Diamond Assorting and related aspects. I worked with A S Exports for 14 years. Later I started working as a Diamond Broker with a well know person in diamond market, Arunbhai.
Presently I work independently as a diamond broker.

If not in diamond market which other profession you would have chosen?
I am a professional Tabla player.  I would have surely chose to become Tabla player in music industry. For a while I also tried to work in Diamond market and play Tabla, but eventually I kept getting busier in Diamond market. I decided to focus on my work in Diamond market. I still practice tabla playing when I get chance.

Tell us about your experience during business slowdown in 2008 in Diamond Market?
During 2008 slowdown, I was working with Arunbhai. Being with a well established person in market, slowdown was not as severe as it was for many other people in market. For 2 months I didn’t see any trade or transaction. There were no buyers in diamond market. For almost 5 to 6 months there was lack of activities. Later things started changing and slowly we started seeing some demand.

Any good or bad aspect you have seen in your last 21 years of experience in Indian Diamond market?
Indian Diamond market is still a close knit community. Due to nature of the business trust factor becomes extremely important. Family person gets more preference. If you don’t have relative or person who can refer you, it becomes difficult to make progress. Talent and hard-work takes back seat. Faith and connections get more preference. Unless some well respected member support you it is close to impossible to grow.

You will find many cases where a person with good potential who is part of Industry since last 25 years but still cannot go beyond Diamond Assortment role.

Person’s aspirations also play important role in level of success. Person who believes in himself and keeps high ambition will do good. However you really can’t replace the support of some a well established member in market.

Where do you see Indian diamond industry in world?
I personally don’t have any idea about that. But one thing I can tell you, Indian Diamond Industry is very small compared to many other Corporate industry in India.

Can you think of any changes that will occur in our market in next 2 – 3 years ?
I think we companies and people will get more professional like other industries. There will be lot delegation of work to vendors and partners on contract basis, rather then running in house team. Companies will get re-engineered to reduce staff and train employees in to multitasking. Instead of hiring and employing 4 people, they will train one person to do multiple things, perhaps use computers to get more output. Such things are common in other corporate office, banks etc.

Do you want to give any message to readers?
No work is big or small. It’s not the stature of work that matters, but what you learn from working that counts.

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