Push my brand in middle of two ears

Statutory Warning: “This post will start with a complain about modern times compared to life 25 years back. It might remind you of your old grandparents. Post gets better eventually.

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Outbound Marketing

Lets rewind life in Mumbai or any city of India like Surat Ahmedabad, 25 years back. If you talk to people you will find that life was very easy 25 years back and they had time to do everything. There were no computers, no hi tech gadgets, no mobile phones. In last few years we have invented machines which do lot of things automatically however life is getting more and more busier and tougher. This is strange. If we have invented machines to do our work and calculations, then why is life still getting tougher everyday?

Reason is the huge number of products and services available in this world. Today if you go inside Big Bazaar and spend 5 minutes you will see at least 3000 different brands and products. Go inside your favorite local restaurant – there are 5 different types of rice to order – Zeera rice, Pulav, Biryani, Fried rice etc, previously restaurant use to serve only one thing called ‘Rice Plate‘. There are so many options for everything you do in life.

With growing number of products and brands – we come across enormous amount of marketing messages in front of our eyes. Do this exercise – When you start your day tomorrow morning – count how many brands you come across in front of your eyes – while walking to train station – while traveling in train – while spending time in market. You will be surprised to find that by the time you end your day you were bombarded with 1000s of brands and marketing messages.

Every marketing professional in this world has one task at hand – ‘Push his brand in middle of your two ears’. And to do this he or she will do all kinds of things. They will interrupt you anywhere and everywhere you go. They will interrupt you at work, home, inside movie hall, inside text messages, while you travel, while surfing internet, while listening radio. There are scientists who are trying to innovate system which will interrupt you in middle of your dream.

Interrupt way of marketing is loosing its value day by day. When was the last time you saw a big poster on railway station and felt like buying the product ? When was the last time you opened an Spam email and actually ordered a product ? Gmail has created a folder for spam where it collects spam email and deletes it automatically.

Over next few weeks we will talk about how marketing has changed. The new form of marketing is known as ‘Inbound Marketing‘  . We will  talk about how small and medium size companies are using inbound marketing to get new customers. If you are a business owner then it be worth to read and understand how you can get new customers without interrupting them. In Inbound marketing you never spam or interrupt your customer. Instead people who have interest in your product discover you. People find you and your product. Once people find you, you start a interactive relationship with them, instead of bombarding stupid marketing messages.

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