Keeping cool in crowded Churchgate Borivali Train

One of my teacher once told me last punch in boxing which knocks out the competitor – is the most important and best punch in the game

What my teacher was trying to say is that we do lot of task with enthusiasm and towards the end we take it easy. Best approach is – end should be as good as beginning.

This is the last blog post of this year and I better write it good.

Rush hour; Charni Road to Borivali; fast train; heavily crowded; an annoying man in front of you who is arguing and fighting with everyone for smallest reason; and he just got in to argument with you;

Local-train-Churchgate-to- Borivali

Keep Your Mind cool in Mumbai Trains

How do you feel about this disturbed and angry person?

Do you get angry on him and start screaming as loud as him?

You are really not of mind to do something like this but this guy is so annoying that you loose control.

Let me share one beautiful story with you and wish that next time you find this annoying guy in train, you will not loose your mind.

<Story Starts>

A beautiful peaceful spring afternoon in English country. On a lake side there are couple of people seating and reading newspaper and having nice time. All of sudden one man comes to this park with two kids and sits on one bench. This man sits quietly. Kids start making noise, throwing stones here and there. They disturb each and everyone who was peacefully enjoying the beautiful day. All of sudden a serene afternoon turns in to noisy chaos. While all this is happening father of two kids who were doing all mischief is seating quietly, lost in his thoughts. It seems like he doesn’t really care what kids do.

An old man seating on next bench gets very angry seeing this. “what the hell. Kids are disturbing everyone but this man doesn’t even care to say anything to these kids. This is so irresponsible. This is so unethical.”

This old man loosing his control walks to this mans and in a loud voice expresses his anger and frustration. “Gentleman you should say something to your kids, they are spoiling everyone’s peaceful afternoon” .This old man is so angry that he is ready to fight and throw this man out of that area.

This dad of two kids who was lost in his thoughts completely, wakes up. “oh what happened? Actually I am just coming out of hospital and my wife passed away 5 minutes back and I have no idea what to do next? I am so sorry. Are kids giving any trouble?

Listening this old man instantly forgets all his anger. In 2 seconds angry old man turns in to sympathetic and caring. He tells this man “I am so sorry to hear that. I am so sorry for the kids. Is there anything I can do to help?

<Story Ends>

Moral of the story: we see people behaving in certain way and we create a perception for them. However if we know what really happened in his life which makes him act the way he or she is, then your perception will change. Next time you see a frustrated annoyed man in Borivali fast train. Think of this story. Do not loose your mind over him. God knows what really happened in his life which makes him so restless.

And with that we end our last blog post of the Year 2010.

Also let me tell you how to nicely end this year like a knock out punch in boxing. This story was taken from a book named “7 habits of highly effective people” this book is sold on each and every railway station book store – buy one copy before 2010 ends and give your best last punch of the year.

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