Interview with Kaushalbhai Patel

Surat can be called manufacturing hub for Diamonds because over 35 DTC Siteholders are members of Surat Industry. Every site holder has office and factory in Surat. In last 40 years Surat has achieved unbelievable Industrial success. Our guest Kaushalbhai Patel likes Surat and asks jokingly that “how about moving whole Mumbai market to Surat?“.

Kaushal Patel, Diamond Assoter at H. Hiralal

How did you start yours career in diamond industry?
I started my career in 2003 in Mumbai diamond market. Learned basics in diamond coaching classes in Charni Road. Worked on contract basis with many companies. Later worked for 3 and half year for K. P. Sanghvi as Diamond Assorter.

Presently I work for a company named H. Hiralal as Diamond Assoter. I also take care of Accounts related activities here.

How was the slow down of 2008 diamond industry?
Slowdown didn’t affect me personally. I was working at H. Hiralal and my employer took care of me. My company didn’t face much problem due to slowdown like many other companies. I was hearing about lot of companies going out of business, cutting jobs, deduction in salary etc.

Whom do you consider as mentor in diamond market?
I Don’t consider any single person as my mentor in diamond industry. However I take lot of inspiration from whole industry and keep lot of ambition to do good in market.

What changes you have seen in last few years in Indian diamond Industry?
Overall diamond business is growing but for for small diamond manufactures things are slowing down. They are loosing business day by day. Big companies which are well established are growing bigger. Local people are not able achieve what they want & not able to make enough profit in their profession.

If you get a chance to change one thing in diamond market what would that be?
I would like to shift whole Mumbai diamond market to Surat (Gujarat). Surat is the biggest hub in whole world, lot of manufacturing happens there. I would like all import and export related activities are done done in Surat. That will make Surat a complete base.

Do you want to give any message to readers?
Heera hai sada ke liye (diamonds are forever)

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