DiamondBhai.com is 3 months old

It’s been already 3 months we started DiamondBhai.com and it looks like yesterday. To summarise what really happened at this blog in last 3 months.

Chetan Parmar, founder of DiamondBhai.com - "Thank you for all help and support!"

In all we have total 42 posts/articles.

9 – are Interview posts
33 – are General knowledge sharing posts.

Let me take this opportunity to once again Thank first 9 Guests who gave chance to give Interview. I deeply appreciate all the help and support you have shown for this new website.

Chirag Patwa , Hemant Thaker, Digesh Vora , Dilip Gajera , Maulik Parekh , Premal Patel , Rahul Panday , Rajesh Mehta , Kaushal Patel .

We got many suggestions and questions in last 3 months. Below are 3 questions asked by more then one Diamondbhai.com visitor:

Q 1) Almost every other post is talking about ‘Loss making’  or ‘Loss Management’ . Why so pessimistic?
Ans) True! We are strong believer in Warren Buffet’s secret of making money – “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”. Since Indian Economic Indicators and markets are very close to multi-year highs, we are going to talk about not getting greedy, but to stay humble and fearful.

Q 2) Are you experienced enough to make comments on Business process in your blog?
Ans) Posts on diamondbhai.com are inspired from ideas shared by some of well respected people like – Leaders, Business leaders, Economists, Psychologist etc.  None of these ideas are original. I try to write and package it in a way – so that people in Indian Diamond market can relate to it closely.

Q 3) How old are you?
Ans) I found this question strange, but got this question from multiple people. I am 26 years old, born on 1st April. (Exactly! No one takes my birthday seriously because of April fool’s day)

What’s Next?
Many people like diamondbhai.com and number of visitors are growing every single day. I will continue to publish Interviews and general business posts. And if there are any suggestions from readers – I will add them to my action list.

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5) Give Interview [I record your answer on my balckberry – takes less than 10 minutes – I translate it and publish interview]
6) Write Guest posts [if you have something in mind you want to share – call me – I will record your voice – translate and publish post]

Thank you once again to all readers of DiamondBhai.com for first 3 months of this exciting journey. This has been one of the best 3 months in my career.

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