Interview with Mr. Rajesh Mehta, Diamond Broker

How do you establish Credibility in Indian Diamond market ? Ensure to provide service or product in trustworthy and consistent manner. You need to convey that you will meet the expectations and that the quality of what you provide can be counted on.

Let’s meet a young aspiring member of Indian Diamond market – Rajesh Mehta, who believes trust & relationships are the most valuable assets in market.

Rajesh Mehta, Diamond Broker, Mumbai Diamond market

How did you start yours career in diamond industry?
I use to work in Nagdevi market for a company doing business of Ball-bearing & Cutting tools. In 2001 I started working in Diamond market. In beginning of my career, for almost whole year, I didn’t get any salary. It’s common in Diamond market to find people who started work without salary while they were in learning phase. By the time I had 3 years of experience I was very well skilled and had good position in industry.  Many don’t like the idea of starting career without pay, but from my personal experience I would suggest beginners to accept this condition if they come across good opportunity. In diamond market you have to go through initial struggle phase and it prepares you for a promising future. I was already aware of this situation and kept my focus on learning all skills. Looking back I feel I made right choice and have achieved success at my level.

I have worked in P.Navinkumar (Owner Piyushbhai) worked as Diamond Assorter. I got lot of exposure to marketing activities. I was regularly sent out to supply packets of goods, this gave me chance to meet people in market and build relations.

Presently I work as Diamond Broker and have many associates and friends in Diamond market. My perception of success is the mutual trust I share with people in market. There are many people in market whom I can talk to when I need advice. And in return I am always willing to go that extra mile to help build business.

If not in diamond industry which industry would have worked in?
As I told earlier, I would have continued working in Nagdevi Market (Ball bearing and cutting tool business). However I cannot think of any other industry that would have given me overall career satisfaction like Diamond market has. I feel good to be part of Indian Diamond market.

Where do you see Indian diamond market in the whole world?
Indian diamond is playing a leading role because of strong manufacturing base. I give complete credit to skilled and hardworking workforce we have. I just wish that these hardworking people on the actual manufacturing floor get more rewards for their efforts. Wages are so low that they end up taking second job just to make ends meet. Many decide to switch companies or industry.

Tell us something about your experience in slowdown of 2008 in diamond industry?
During 2008 no one really knew how deep was the bottom and many employers decided to cut jobs. It is easy to look back and speak about how big companies should have avoided job cuts. It is always easy to look at the numbers in past and make statements but no one knew what will happen in 2009 2010 and beyond.  For rich employers probably it was substantial percentage cut in their income, but for individuals at low level loosing job was like giving biggest exam.
Today many of these companies are having tough time to find and retain skilled people. Now many of these people(who faced job cuts) care about their job and but not the Employer.

In last 10 years of your career what good or bad things you have seen in Diamond market?
good thing – I like the way small businesses in Indian Diamond market scale for next level. There are many companies I have seen which started with a small team and humble beginning. As they made progress they hired required people to grow further. If there was need to bring in IT expert they will do that. If there was need to bring someone who does lot of corporate marketing they would hire one. They bring in what business needs to reach next level.
not so good thing – There are companies inside Indian diamond market who have existing business to business arrangement and never give business to new companies. I would request seniors and well established leaders in our Diamond industry to shift their focus from growing their personal company to start playing a community leader role. They should spend time in guiding and encouraging new & young entrepreneurs in market.

If u get chance to change one thing in India diamond market what would that be?
I would request once again to some of the rich and well established people to shift their focus on leading young people and stop worrying about growing richer. There are whole bunch of young and enterprising people in market who are struggling for their career aspiration. If given chance they would put their whole life in to business and come out with good result. Until and unless big giants in our market don’t broaden their aspirations – small people will keep struggling and big companies will keep getting bigger.

Any message for readers?
Courage in bad times and Patience will help you conquer everything. It may take some time but sooner or later you get rewards for all the sincere efforts you put in to work at Indian Diamond market or any other industry.

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