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Our mind becomes receptive for things of our interest. Let me give you one example. Once you buy a Honda car – your mind becomes receptive for Hondas on the road. Every time a Honda passes in front of you, you knowingly or unknowingly think about it. Before you bought Honda you never paid attention to it but just because now you own a Honda you pay more attention.

I have a friend who is Gold freak. He bought some gold few years back and now his mind is super receptive on Gold. 7 out 10 things he talks about is Gold and Metals. He knows price of each and every metal. Gold is all over his mind.

You will find people with different core in mind. Core keeps changing. Some are short term. Some stay for years. Some of them short term examples are : Ramdeo Baba(after doing 2 days yoga course) or Benefit of Naturopathy(after drinking karela juice daily for a months) or Beauty of Jammu-Kashmir (after trip to Amarnath or Vaishnodevi) or Chinese-Economy(after reading a 3 page story in Gujarat Samachar on Great Dragon Economy)

Once you buy something or make something part of your life – it slowly starts becoming core of your mind. Its like a self sustaining reaction. You keep talking about it and you eyes and ear are more open for related things in outer world – core keeps getting stronger.

What Freak you are? What are your long term and short term Freaks?

Time Machine for Sale

Time Machine - Takes you to past

I am sure you have something on your mind most of the time. It’s a good idea to stop once in a while and check yourself on core. If you analyse that your core is something of less value then start looking for new opportunities in life. Life is made up of time and time is precious. You can earn back lakh rupee which you lost last year. But you cannot get back a single minute from your yesterday. It’s a oneway affair unless scientist create time machine.

So today do this simple exercise – take a cup of tea and with every sip you take analyse what is your mind working on all the time – in last few weeks.

I think it’s time – I also need some tea.
ek cutting please!

[p.s: if you thinking why am i selling time machine – because if I ever get to buy one of these – time will become core of my mind.  If you have not yet understood the message. It’s all OK. You don’t have to understand everything on this blog]

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