Interview with Mr. Dilip Gajera

After enduring year of falling prices and eroding confidence, India’s Diamond Jewelry Industry is counting on it’s skilled people to bring strong recovery back to the market. Lets meet one of the member of Indian Diamond Jewelry Industry today. Mr. Dilip Gajera, presently Assistant Diamond HOD for A’Star Jewellery

Dilip Gajera, Diamond HOD, A'Star Jewelry, Mumbai

Dilip Gajera, works for 'A'Star Jewelry', Mumbai

How did you start your career in Diamond Industry?
Started my career in diamond industry in 2005 with Sundaram Jewelry ; Worked as a trainee for 2 years. Got lot of guidance and support from Pushpak Desai (owner, Sundaram Jewelry) and Hemant Shah (GM, Sundaram Jewelry).  Later started working for Renaissace Jewellery Ltd in seepz, Mumbai as third party Quality Control for a year. Presently I work as Diamond HOD for A’Star Jewellery.

Tell us about your experience in 2008 slow down?
Company I worked for was doing lot of diamond jewelry manufacturing for local market, hence there were no immediate effects, however there was lot of fear for job security. I even started thinking about what other profession I can get in to if things go bad for me in Diamond Jewelry Industry.Now when I think about 2008, I feel thankful to my employer for taking care of me in bad economic times.

If not Diamond Jewelry Industry – which industry would you have preferred?
I think I’ve always had a fascination with stock markets and trading. I never did lose my fascination with the stock markets and in addition to my regular work I actively do stock trading.

What’s yours dream job in diamond jewelry Industry?
I take lot of inspiration from my uncle Mr. Vithalbhai Patel, who is old timer in Diamond Trading. I always find him well-positioned in the flow of the business and never disconnected from current realities. I want to work very closely with him in future.

Who is yours mentor in diamond market?
I consider Mr. Deven Tank, Production Manager, Sundaram Jewelry as my Mentor. It is very important to have a mentor – someone with more experience than you, someone who is in a position in life that you desire to be in the future.

If you get a chance to change one thing in diamond market what would that be?
Reference-bias – unless you know some reputed or well established person well enough to vouch for your character – you keep facing challenges. Like all other industries I wish that Diamond Industries gets more transparent in hiring people on basis of skills and not because you know someone.

Do you want to give any message to DiamondBhai readers?

Dilip Gajera, A'Star Jewelry with Chetan Parmar,

Dilip Gajera and Chetan Parmar

I would like to pass regards to all readers; blog like can help to grow networks and learn about what other member think in market; with lots of humility I have following two lines for readers – I personally try to practice them as much as I can –
1) Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. But make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.
2) Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

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