Interview with Mr. Maulik Parekh

Few of us are born to be an excellent communicators.  A clear understandable message always gains the support of the listeners. Maulik Parekh is one such person who always comes out to be clear and to the point in his message.

Maulik Parekh

Maulik Parekh, Assistant Production Manager for Gitanjali gems (Allianz Jewelry)

Tell us about your career path in diamond industry?

I started my career in diamond industry in March 2001 as a management trainee at Core Jewelry (Lucid Gems), company is owned by respected Mr. Kamal Bhansali. I worked here for 3 years and gained practical knowledge and experience of diamond jewelry manufacturing. I also learned about different types of jewelry used in different sectors – with quality control parameters. I was responsible for European business for the organization. Later worked at MK Jewelry, Supergems Jewelry Manufactures Pvt. Ltd., Jewel Goldie (Shree Ramkrishan Exports).  Currently I am working as Assistant Production Manager for Gitanjali gems (Allianz Jewelry).

Please comment on 2008 slowdown in diamond industry?

Common people got the biggest hit due to 2008 slowdown. Due to loss of jobs, many people who were trying to settle in big cities had to move back to their hometown.  Many of them were here with their family.

What’s yours [dream]/[dream job] in diamond jewelry Industry?

I would love to see some day running my own company in diamond jewelry with a good corporate standard. Have a strong and skilled production team. Company that does business globally; strives to be best in customer satisfaction.

If you were not in diamond jewelry industry which industry would have preferred?

I guess I could have opted for fashion industry.

If you get a chance to change one thing in diamond market what would that be?

If I could get a chance to change one thing in diamond industry – it will be importance that is given to personal reference. In Diamond industry Personal reference is given priority over talent and skills. A family connection makes more difference then aspirations and capabilities of an individual. Today I cannot think of any other field with such a bias except for diamond industry.

If all diamond market companies get listed on Stock exchange – what shares would you buy and why?

Companies that come to my mind are Jewelex ( P.D.Kothari). These companies have good management team and excellent industry quality standard. There are many other companies I can think of including Kiran Exports.

Tell us about one tough decision you have taken in yours career?

I made a plan to move from my existing job at SuperGems during 2008 slowdown. I resigned without any new opportunity in hand and felt it was one of the toughest things I have tried. Fortunately I had a new opportunity within couple of days and started working.

Do you want to give any message to readers?

Technology is changing very rapidly. Everyone faces challenges when a new technology or software becomes way of working in our diamond industry. However if we approach changes with smart preparation, we will be able to harness the power of new technology and benefit whole organization as well.

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