Make your company World Famous inside whole Dombivali

Title is just a joke but here’s a trick which can allow you to  display global presence and show that you care about customers.  Chances are – you are already using this Magic-thing called Skype.

skype Used In Indian Diamond Market

Skype - voice calls over the Internet.

What is Skype? How is Skype used? How to start using Skype?
I do not need to answer any of these questions. Everyone knows it, if you don’t – give me a call.

I am here to talk about some really interesting thing you can do using Skype.

I know a guy who is a Software freelancer. He use to work from his small house in Dombivali (Thane). He had short term and long term clients from all over the world (USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Norway etc).

He had a local Phone number for almost 10-12 different countries/cities. Skype allows you to buy a number which is local number to some City around the world and route it to your single skype account.

When he use to find client in Germany he would give local German number. If client is from London, he will give UK local number. If client is from Chicago, he will use USA number. This way he had local experience for most of his clients. And all the while he was receiving calls on his laptop in Dombivali.

He said, all his clients knew that he is based out in Mumbai/India. However all clients used to be very happy to know that there was a local number to call if they had any question or wanted to follow up. (when he was sleeping calls use to go on a single voice mail)

Now you know how to make your Diamond Trading company world famous inside whole Charni Road!

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