Who Moved My Market

Operation: Move to New location
Present location: Opera House
New location: BKC
Challenge: Old Memories

People in market knew about new Diamond market at Bandra Kurla Complex since ages. Project started 20 years back, went through delays for unknown reasons. However past is past and heres a new day and a new location of the market.

Bharat Diamond Bourse – spreads over an are of 20 acres – 8 towers of 9 floors – 2500 diamond offices.

A crown in BKC. All facilities under one roof. More Safety. More planning. Bharat Diamond Bourse offers a great business infrastructure to both domestic and international diamond merchants trading.

If you talk to people in market you will find two different viewpoints. There are people who are excited about BDB and then there people who are reluctant to change.

If you hve made up mind to move to BKC here’s what you need to know to find right place/office:

Office location will be specified in 6 letter code:

Example ‘BE8020‘ – means:
Tower B, East core, 8th floor, office number 020.

9 towers are (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J) [why we don’t have ‘I’ ???]
3 cores: East, West, Center


Bharat Diamond Bourse - Bandra Kurla Complex

Bharat Diamond Bourse - world's largest diamond bourse





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