Why I started DiamondBhai.com?

Starting DiamondBai.com has been one of the best decision I have taken in my life. I envision DiamondBhai.com to become a community platform for people inside Indian Diamond market to share their point of view and learn from each other. I want to encourage people to talk about new opportunities in market. I want Experienced people from our Diamond Industry to share their knowledge that can help other entrepreneurs.

DiamondBhai.com will enable meetings of smart people in person and over internet. It will allow people to make new friends on a personal and professional level.

DiamondBhai.com will improvise with every single day to become a channel that syncs with thought process of entrepreneurs in our Diamond market. I want readers to get a feeling that ‘This is not bad’ – ‘I always thought of this’ – ‘It feels good to read about this’ and Occasionally some of these people will give me call or write an comment.

I want to encourage readers to write comments and share their point of view or any insightful knowledge to others.

I have promised myself to sincerely grow DiamondBhai.com so that it reaches more and more people and I want to regularly contribute efforts.

More than anything DiamondBhai.com has brought a new fresh light in my life and it is a challenge where I have to regualarly work with discipline.

I am going to request lot of people from our industry for an Interview. I am sure all of these interviews will bring enthusiasm and encouragement for readers(including myself)

I want to request people to reach out to me to write guest post. Just give me call tell me what you want to share and I will tell you how to go about. (you can dictate me over a phone call – I will translate it in to post) I will make sure it is no hassle for you.

DiamondBhai.com has potential to turn in to soft power which will reach desk & home of people all over world who care about Indian Diamond Industry. Please join me in building this community.

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