Traditional Diamond Trading vs. OnDemand

Many of the Diamond Trading Companies in Indian markets – these days use Internet websites to do business. Some of the projects commonly used in markets are :
Rapnet , IdexOnline , Polygon

Benefits of these online services are a lot. Everyone has used them and knows the difference it can make to your business. However one thing which I want to highlight is the impact on relationship between business (B2B relationship).


Rapnet Diamond Trading Network

Growth of Rapnet Diamond Trading Network


In tradition style of working(the days before Internet arrived in Market) focus was more on meeting prospective buyer or Trader personally. Relations were with limited number of people or business, but there was lot of quality control and complete trust factor. Once you have done the deal you have lost connection on the transaction and one moves on. There was limited communication within fixed number of people. It was very difficult to track things like customer satisfaction. There was limitation on displaying how much credit & goodwill you have gained by doing work.

In a onDemand model where companies use Internet services it is easy to list local companies which have product as per your requirement. Once the transaction is done you can post a comment or review and those help Seller to create good image and build his future business.

Having said that each approach : tradition approach(without Internet) and new approach of using OnDemand Internet services – have their own challenges.

What do you think about each of these approaches ? Do you think Traditional style of working had more fun of doing business?

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