Presence of Women in Indian Diamond Industry

For Indian Women – Diamond Markets which earlier was not considered a career option is now being considered as a important career option along with other careers. Diamond Jewelry industry too has seen an increase in number of women/girls playing important role.



Women in Indian Diamond Market

Women in Indian Diamond Market

Working in Jewelry
Most of the jobs taken by girls are in diamond studded jewelry factory. There is lot of work that needs careful skilled hands.(Bagging, Diamond counting, wax setting, waxing, gauging, Assortment, cad-cam etc.)

There is presence of girls/women in marketing team of Diamond studded jewelry manufacturing factory. They play perfect role for bringing in new ideas & trends. Diamond jewelry business is very dynamic model and one needs to stay tuned to latest market demands.

Accounting & Administration
Many small & big companies have girls in their team taking care of Accounts, bookkeeping and other office administration.

But statistically speaking, Diamond Markets still remains a very traditional Industry. Statistics show that there is still a very high preference for a male employee.

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