5 similarities between stock Market and Diamond Markets

It’s same like stock market when you buy a stock and sell it in market hour that we call as Intraday trading in stock market. Same here in diamond market if we are buying a diamond and then selling with profit to some other buyer you make a profit. In stock market we get to keep margin money instantly. In diamond market they most probably give 1 – 2 days of time to pay to seller.

Similarities - Bombay Stock Exchange & Diamond Markets

Similarities - Bombay Stock Exchange & Diamond Markets

Short term Delivery
In short delivery you can buy the diamond and keep it in yours stock as you have predicted diamond values are going to boom in short time so that make a good profit’s.
Long term Delivery
In long term’s if there is any rare stone that is not available in market and it can catch high price as premium stone in future. Buy and keep stone for long time it may be from 5 to 10 years and seller can get great profits.

Dalal is a smart, highly-networked person who fulfills the demand of buyer by arranging diamond’s form seller. If the deal is executed then seller pay’s Dalali (Brokerage). Percentage is decided before the deal is executed.

Some of the big bull’s in market make a deal with the supplier – that for the next 1 year supplier while sell the same purity, color etc. type of diamond’s to him at the price’s they have decided now. This are the future deal’s made so that if market bear’s – falls down then seller makes the
profit and if market is in bull buyer make’s the profits.

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