How to hire people in Indian Diamond market?

With all dew respect – I am not trying to claim that I know all, but on basis of kind of people I have seen doing well in Indian Diamond market, here’s my observation.

Diamond Market with growing business and expansions are always looking for honest & hardworking people, to join team. While selecting candidates companies give importance to many skills of the candidates including trust factor, communication skills, attitude towards work, team spirit etc.

Here are few tips which one can keep in mind while approaching companies for opportunities.

Brush up the skill you are applying for.

Be honest about experience you have and when given chance explain clearly about responsibilities you carried out in past job like assortment, bagging, team structure, work load, handling assortment, relationship with team members and supervisor.

It always helps to go beyond basics and keep a vision about your career few years down the line. Where is Diamond industry heading? Where do you see Indian Diamond market in next 5 years? Such ideas can help you sound more positive and confident person.

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