How to start career in Indian Diamond market?

Panchratna Office'sDiamond market in India is full of opportunities. Diamond industry is growing in to multi-billion dollar industry and India is becoming stronger in its presence with every single day. Some of the common way people enter and start career in market are below:

Basic knowledge of diamond

One can join Diamond Assorting classes located in Mumbai at places like Charni Road, Vile Parle, Malad, Borivali, Ghatkopar and many other places. These classes give you basic knowledge and prepare you for the first job in Diamond market. Shreeji Rajendra Diamond Classes is one of the well know classes at Charni Road. I personally took help from them when I started working in market 6 years back.

Begin with Jewelry firm

Working in jewelry firm could be good way to gain high level knowledge about Diamond details & specification. Jewelry industry has more opportunities for beginners compared to Diamond market. It allows to you to get close to diamonds and upgrade your knowledge and build your social & professional network.

Start with Diamond Polishing

Start working in Diamond Polishing firm in Surat. This is best way to gain knowledge in Diamond Polishing industry. Surat is full of opportunities and is good place to begin and grow career.

Family or Friends

Diamond market is fortunately or unfortunately biased towards family members and friends. If you know a family member or friend who already is part of industry, he or she can refer you for a good opportunity. Personal referral gives lot of help in Indian Diamond market.

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