Different types of job roles in Indian diamond market.

Indian Diamond industry is full of enterprising and dynamic people. Job roles are created and eliminated depending upon market condition. Some of the popular and common jobs done by major junta are following:
Diamond assortment
This job involves sorting diamonds as per price and grading from a mix lot of raw diamonds. Also includes sorting diamonds as per colors, cut, purity and carat.
Diamond cutting
This job involves cutting diamond in best way to get a most valuable output from a raw diamond. An experienced diamond cutter can cut a raw diamond in most optimal shape & size.
Diamond polishing
Diamond polishing involves lot of experience and skill. A rough diamond is polished in mainly 4 stages. Mathaloo(Table), Taliyu(Pavilion), Girdle, polish all facets of crown. This action gives proper shape to a diamond which is known and seen by customers/end-user.  For eg: a diamond after polishing gets one table, 32 crown facets, 24 pavilion facets & one teak.
Diamond grading
Diamond grading job involves grading a solitaire diamond and write down all important specifications like color, inclusion of diamond, cut, parameters and other items.
Engraving of Diamond
Msny customers want to write a word or two on diamond to give a personal touch. Skilled person can use correct tools and lot of hardwork to engrave required words on diamond table or girdle.
Pricing of Diamond
It takes lot of experience for a person to estimate appropriate price of diamond lot. There are people who are expert at looking at rough or polish diamond lot and estimate value.
Diamond bagging & gauging
Bagging involves counting of diamonds and packing them in to a single bag for further manufacturing of jewelry. Gauging involves using tools to measure length & width of diamond – helps in pricing and calculations.
Diamond buying & selling
Experienced person who is skilled in estimating value of diamond looks for a good deal. Buying a diamond at good price and later selling it at higher price involves lot of risk taking and networking.
Marketing team works hard to find buyers and looks for opportunities to increase profit margin for the organization.

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