Different types of business in Indian Diamond Market

  • Panchratna Office'sPolish diamond Trading

In diamond trading trader buy the diamond form manufacture and then sell in market or to customers.

  • Dalali (Broker)

Dalal is the middle man who fulfills the demand of the costumer or the manufacture who is looking for loose diamonds for his inventory/stock.

  • Aaddat[pronounced as AA-dut]

Aadat acts like middle man, finds potential customer who is looking to buy diamonds – Aadat fulfills the demand by taking buyer to manufacturer.  Manufacturer pays 2% commission for business he gets.

  • Rough to polish

Diamonds are rough in its early life cycle. Transforming diamonds from rough to Polished version is a big business line in Indian diamond market. Economic and skilled work force enables India to be top player in this aspect of global Diamond industry.

  • Diamond investment

Investment in diamond is like shares. If person predict diamond prices are going higher and higher then he can buy it for some time and can sell after when prices are higher. But its same like share market if his prediction goes wrong then he has to face the loss too.

  • Diamond Jewelry

Diamond studded jewelry is big business in this we can manufacture the diamond studded jewelry and sell it to whole seller or directly to end consumer.

  • Diamond cutting tools

Diamond tool manufacturing is also big business – such companies provide tools required in diamond market. E.g. Diamond cutting blade, cleaning diamonds, jewelry manufacturing tools etc.

  • Rough diamond trading

Rough diamond trading is same as trading polished diamond. In this trader should have the knowledge of rough. Knowing what price to buy and sell enables to make profit. Risk involved are low compared to dealing in polished products.

  • Diamond powder used in many thing

While cutting or polishing diamond the powder or the small pieces of diamond are used in many fields. It is used in medicine, diamond cutting blade, stone cutting blade, airport runways and many more.

  • Diamond re-cutting (Broken and upgrading of stones)

In this type of business, person re-cuts diamond to upgrade it and sell it for more profit.

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